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Can't Learn Japanese Consistently? JaFunese:
Where Fun
Meets Japanese Learning

Here at JaFunese we help English speakers learn and conversate in Japanese through Video Games and Anime.


About Us

We here at JaFunese teach people Japanese utilizing video games and pop-culture like anime. We aim to be a group dedicated in learning Japanese, and building a communitiy of Japanese learners at the same time. Join our free Discord community to connect with fellow learners and get your questions answered about Japanese. Take our survey to gain access to our community, and elevate your learning journey!

Why use Video Games and

Anime to Teach?



Learning a language can be very difficult and sometimes stressful. Therefore, many challengers are left unsuccessful due to the inconsistency of learning. Our teaching model is to make the lesson effective and enjoyable as possible. With entertaining lessons and charismatic teachers, we aim for students to consistently wanting to learn more and play more. 

Better Communication Skills


Video games are a platform for entertainment, but it is also a great platform for making friends and communicating. Just like in any other team sports, communication is vital for  succeeding . By conversing in Japanese with teachers and other  students, they will build a better understanding of expressing themselves and understanding others.

Invest instead of Spend


We now live in an age where people cannot live their daily life without the internet and the entertainment it brings. It is becoming more common for the youth to be spending time playing video games. We believe that time is a valuable asset, and just like money in most cases, it is better to invest it rather than just spend it. By joining JaFunese, we can change the "spending time" into "investing time." 

Teaching Mannerism


As many people are aware, Japanese people are known to be very polite and well mannered. On the other hand, without proper supervision on the internet, it is easy for kids to develop poor internet manners, which can also translate into real world manners. Thus, we will also be teaching proper mannerism when meeting people and communicating with them through the internet.

Lesson Details


Lesson Price

Normal Lesson Price:

$15 USD per Lesson

New Users get 2 Free Lessons!

Promotion in Progress!

Invite a Friend or Family, to get an Extra Free Class!


Lesson Time

60 Minutes per Lesson

Friday 16:00 ET - Saturday 3:00 ET

Saturday 16:00 ET - Sunday 3:00ET

Sunday 17:00 ET - Monday 2:00 ET


*Due to the fact that the coaches live in Japan, there is a time zone difference between Japan and most Western countries. Thus we currently are open to only teach in between these times.

*Lesson dates and times may be negotiable. Please contact the email below.


*There is a possibility that lesson times may become more flexible in the future.


What You Need To Start

  • Discord (App for communication)

  • Headphones and Microphone (Optional)

  • One of 3 Gaming Device: PC, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch

  • Game Titles to play on your Device

Example of Games and Anime Genere 





One Punch Man






My Love Story!!

Slice of Life Anime





Tokyo Revengers

Action Anime

*This Game/Anime List Is A Small Example Of Titles That We Offer As Resources. Negotiations Of Game/Anime Titles Are Welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old should my child be in order to register for lessons?

A. We recommend that the child should be at least and elementary school student, in order to have proper communication. But we understand that there can be exceptions, so please feel free to ask!

Q. Is it okay if my child cannot speak anything other than English?

A. Yes. There will no problems as bilingual coaches are both fluent in Japanese and English, thus we will be able to support your child in English when necessary.

Q. Can parents join in on lessons?

A. Yes. For the first 2 lessons parents are free to join, watch, or listen. After the second lesson, parents must also pay for the lesson fees in order to join.

Q. Can adults register for lessons as well?

A. Yes. Adults are also welcome to register and join for lessons.

Get in Touch

Rei Kato

Tokyo, Japan

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